About the Art

I sell my art both through galleries and directly from my studio. In addition to the art displayed in my portfolio, I accept thematic commissions. To learn more contact me by email at stephen@fineartbyclarke.com

Much of what I paint is autobiographical. For the rest, I rely on more than a century of my family's history. Photographic portraits, snapshots, artifacts, private letters, receipts, death notices, mass cards, wedding invitations, address books, newspaper clippings, sundry personal notes and reminiscences provide me with clues to the meaning of their lives.

These people make up more than just my genetic code. In the poignant, often anonymous intimacy of their detritus, I find the seeds of every thought I have ever had.

Often, my paintings both literally and figuratively conceal multiple layers of an animated and evolving story. The top layer is simply the most recent freeze-frame of the story. Each underlying painting has informed the one that followed and imbued it with an intrinsic truth.

Selected artist’s statements